Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Weirton Millsop Community Center to close due to threat of coronavirus

WEIRTON — The Weirton Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners on Friday made the difficult decision to close the Weirton Millsop Community Center (WMCC) indefinitely due the risk factors involved with the Coronavirus COVID-19. The closure will take effect on Saturday morning.

“In light of the worldwide response to threat of the Coronavirus, it would be irresponsible to keep the center open at this point,” Park Board Executive Director Coty Shingle said. “Schools are closed, major events of every kind are being canceled, some government offices are closing. There was really no other logical choice. We have to keep the safety of our patrons first and foremost in our minds and that factor weighed heavily in our decision.”

Shingle said the decision was the result of several days of constant communication between he and Park Board Chairman Edwin J. Bowman. The two will continue to talk on a daily basis and monitor the situation as they work to determine a reopening date for WMCC.

“We were being made aware, almost minute by minute, of the closures and cancelations of other events as we spoke,” Bowman said. “We determined it would be in the best interest of the public to close the Millsop Community Center. Mr. Shingle and I will review the situation daily.”

Obviously, the closure of WMCC also necessitates the postponement of league and program activities. The current plan is to resume those leagues and programs at a later time.

For more information on availability of facilities and the resumption of leagues and programs, contact the Park Board staff at (304) 797-8520, or check out the Parks & Rec homepage at the, or the Weirton Millsop Community Center Facebook page.