Hall of Fame Study Committee Report


To establish a Hall of Fame Committee to honer former and current Weirton residents for "Outstanding Accomplishments" in specific areas of endeavors and to administer the selection and award process.

Committee Name

The Committee shall be designated as the Weirton Hall of Fame Committee.

Selection Categories

For purposes of selection and designation of honorees for their endeavors, the nominations will be divided into the following 6 categories:
  1. Business, Industry, and Professions
  2. Education and Religion
  3. Music and Fine Arts
  4. Philanthropy
  5. Public Service
  6. Sports and Athletics

Committee Operation

The Committee shall conduct their meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order, and minutes of Committee meetings shall be taken and provided to Weirton City Council. During the initial orientation meeting, the City Manager or his designee shall assist the Committee in the selection of a chairperson and secretary.


Members of the Committee shall receive no salary or compensation for their services. The Committee will be funded by Council and expenditures will be approved by Council and processed by the Chief Financial Officer of the City.

In addition to Council's funding, the Committee may also receive contributions from individuals, corporations, associations, foundations or other charitable organizations and may apply for and receive grants from federal or state agencies for the purposes of the Committee's established purposes. Funds received from any of these sources will be used solely for the Hall of Fame's purpose.

Number of Members

The Committee shall consist of 9 members.

Appointment Method

Each Councilperson will appoint one member for the Committee and the Mayor will appoint two members, with one member being a Councilperson. The member appointments will not require approval by the Mayor or other Council members.

Terms of Service

The initial Committee appointees will be appointed as follows: one-third (1/3) will receive a 4 year term,  one-third1(/3) will receive a 3 year term and one-third (1/3) will receive a 2 year term. Upon the completion of the term, succeeding appointments will be made for 3 years for all members. The initial term of appointments will be determined by a drawing to allow the Mayor and City Council to know the duration of the terms their appointees will be asked to serve. Should a Committee member not fulfill their term, the appropriate Councilperson or Mayor will appoint a replacement to serve the remaining period of the term.

Committee Qualifications

Appointees to the Committee must be a current resident of Weirton for a minimum of 5 years.

Committee Meeting Requirements

The meeting schedule and attendance requirements are to be established by the Committee.