City Manager - 75th Anniversary/Independence Day Celebration Letter to the Editor



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Letter to the Editor 

On July 2, 2022, the City of Weirton commemorated the 75th Anniversary of the City’s incorporation and Independence Day. 

Last Saturday was a day of celebration, history, remembrance, honor, “Success in Unity,” family fun, and fireworks. We looked back far enough to acknowledge where we have been and then forward to see what’s next. By all accounts, it was a glorious day. There was a parade; bands; Washington, Charleston, and Weirton dignitaries; prayers and poems by Pastor Lilly; Anthems by Brooke’s Carla Stone; a beauty pageant; contests, rides, and vendors; doughnuts; a petting zoo; Beast-of-the-East baseball; Mrs. West Virginia; and “…the best fireworks Weirton has ever had!!”

Glorious? Yes. Easy? No. When that much is happening in one place at one time, the phrase “…a lot of moving parts….” comes to mind. It’s complicated and Saturday’s relatively seamless chain of events was the culmination of months of planning; organizing; writing; researching; scheduling; ordering; clarifying; insuring; budgeting; staffing; plan changing; re-organizing; calling; recalling a second, third, fourth, and a fifth time; emailing; remailing; printing; typing; copying; shopping; borrowing; arranging for security, electricity, water; designing souvenirs, shirts, decorations; breaking things; fixing things; pushing, pulling, lifting, bending, climbing, cleaning, and sweating; not to mention dealing with a tent-destroying microburst the night before.  Brandy Brock and DeeAnn Pulliam from the offices the Mayor/City Manager had been doing all that – virtually meltdown free -- since March. In addition to and lest we forget, help from various offices and departments including Public Works, Police, Fire, City Clerk, Finance and the trusty Park Board. Not wanting to miss someone when naming names, suffice it to say that if you see a Public Works, Police, Fire, or Park Board employee, it is more likely than not that person worked extra and/or beyond the call of duty with regard to Saturday’s events. Moreover and despite steaming hot weather and thousands of attendees downtown, there were no major injuries, crimes, calamities or traffic problems and, by Sunday morning, downtown looked as if nothing happened during the previous twenty-four hours. 

I would be remiss if I did not thank our dedicated public servants from near and far. U.S. Senators Moore-Capito and Manchin sent their representatives (Thank you J.T. Jezierski and Mary Jo Guidi). West Virginia Senator Ryan Weld delivered a moving speech, which should be posted on the City’s website by the time you read this. Weirtonian and House Representative, Mark Zatezalo attended alongside County Commissioners Cowey, Chek, Davis, and Ennis. Former Mayors Ed Bowman, Dean Harris, and George Kondik accompanied current Mayor Miller as the ceremonial flags were raised. 

With all that being said, special mention should be made of the Weirton American Legion Post 10 Honor Guard and City Council. Without City Council’s support, the events of Saturday would not have been possible and, without the noble sacrifices of history’s soldiers and sailors embodied by the Honor Guard, the events of Saturday may have never occurred. 

Again, to all that prepared for, participated in, and/or patronized Saturday’s events, THANK YOU for a great day! 

Michael A. Adams, Esq. Weirton City Manager