2019 City of Weirton Street Paving List

Ward I

St. Johns Road (approx. ½ the distance from County road to Bennett)

Skyview (bottom to top circle)

Steel Boulevard

Vermont Street

Clay Street/Francis Court

South 22nd Street (Pa Ave to Wayne)

Ward II

Kingsview (Lakeview to the Cul de Sac and Bridge section)

Sharon Drive (Woodview to 112)

Highview Circle

Seneca Street (Dubey to dead end)

Webster Ave.(14th to Debbie)

Lakeview Drive

Ward III

Hindman Lane (Potomac to newer section)

Rightmire/Ray Way

Pine Street

Kusic Street

Ward IV

Alley MHR to Mildren (between West and Main)

Purdy (Main to West)

Orchard Street (Mildren to Marland Heights)

Grant Street

Wood Street

Zeta Street (Mildren to Purdy Lane)

Ward V

Elmhurst (Claremont to Palisades)

Hanlin Way (Brightway to Palisades)

Glencairn (Brightway to Legion)

Lindberg (Rothrock to Morris)

Ward VI

Murphy Ave. (24’ middle section only)


Lexington Court

South 11th Street (Murphy to Front)

Booker Street (22nd to 24th)

Ward VII

Ritchie Ave. (new section to dead end)

Forest (Pa Ave. to 254 Forest)

Jenny Lane (mill only)

West Circle (repair)