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Animal Control

The Weirton Police Department employs one civilian animal control officer. They are responsible for investigating animal cruelty cases, reports of rabid animals, nuisance wild animals, and animal bites. The animal control officer also enforces the leash law and other City ordinances regulating dogs, cats and other animals. In addition, they capture stray and lost animals.

Animal Control works closely with other animal service organizations such as the Hancock County Animal Shelter. You can reach them by calling (304) 387-4102.

The Animal Control Officer will occassionally provide an important community service by appearing before school groups, senior citizen groups or other community groups to discuss animal control topics or show breeds of dogs, cats or other animals of interest.

Rabid Animals

If you see an animal that you believe may be rabid, call to report the location of the animal.  Do not try to touch or capture the animal because it may attempt to bite you.  Animals with rabies usually show some type of behavioral change.  They can be aggressive and excited or depressed and lethargic.  They may be uncoordinated and unfocused on the presence of humans around them.

In Weirton, the most common types of wildlife which may carry the rabies virus are raccoons and bats.  These animals, which normally avoid humans, are nocturnal and it is unusual for them to be active during daylight hours.  If you see a raccoon, fox or bat during daylight hours and it appears to be sick or is aggressive toward other animals or humans, move to a safe location and call immediately.  The law requires that your dog or cat be vaccinated against rabies.

Nuisance Wildlife

Many species of wildlife do not cause damage in the traditional sense but can be considered nuisances merely by their presence in a particular location, particularly residential settings. Wildlife which cross roads, nest and feed in and around homes, make noise, and leave their droppings are common occurrences which can often interrupt everyday life.

The Wildlife Resources Division of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources offers tips for co-existing with wildlife.

Animal Bites

If you are bitten by a domesticated animal, West Virginia law requires that you report it to the Police Department.  The report will be turned over to either of the County Health Departments which will conducted an investigation in coordination with the Animal Control Officer.  The animal’s owner will be required to show proof of rabies vaccination.  In addition, any domesticated animal that has bitten someone is required to undergo a 10 day confinement and quarantine at the owner’s home.  If circumstances warrant, the animal may be quarantined at a local licensed veterinary hospital at the owner’s expense.

Leash Law

One way to prevent your animal from biting a person or another animal is to obey the leash law. The City of Weirton requires that all dogs and cats be on a leash or lead if they are not on the owner’s property. The leash law also protects animals from injury.

Pet Tags

All dogs within the jurisdiction of the City of Weirton are required to wear a pet tag.  Pet tags are governed by the West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture and are issued by each County Assessor’s Office.

Pet tags (licenses) must be issued each year and the licenses run from July 1st to June 30th.  The cost of each tag (license) is $3.00 and they can be purchased at the assessor’s offices and some other locations.

The City of Weirton is a two-county municipality, so please contact your respective county assessor’s office for issues regarding pet tags.
Thomas A. Oughton, Assessor
200 Courthouse Square
Wellsburg, WV 26070
Phone: (304) 737-3667 or (304) 527-1131
Fax: (304) 737-5126
Joseph M. Alongi, Assessor
PO Box 455
New Cumberland, WV 26047
Phone: (304) 564-3311 x 293
Fax: (304) 564-3415

Noisy Dogs and Cats

The citizens of the City of Weirton deserve to live in quiet and peaceful surroundings.  Although keeping pets is encouraged, the City does enforce its ordinances and no person shall keep or harbor any animal, dog or cat, which shall, by barking, howling, squalling, crying or in any other manner whatsoever, disturbs the comfort or quiet of any neighborhood within the City limits.

Pooper-Scooper Law

The City also enforces the ordinance known as the pooper-scooper law.  Out of respect for your neighbors, no owner, keeper or walker of any animal shall permit such animal to discharge excreta upon any public or private property within the City, unless such owner, keeper or walker immediately thereafter removes and cleans up such animal’s excreta.

Lost, Found and Captured Animals

Lost Animals

If your pet is missing you should consider contacting the Animal Shelters in both Brooke and Hancock Counties as well as the City’s Animal Control Officer.  Be sure to provide a description and the last known location of your animal.  There is always a possiblity that someone has found a lost pet and may have brought it to one of the shelters.
Likewise, if you have found a lost pet, you should report it immediately to the Animal Shelters in both Brooke and Hancock Counties as well as the City’s Animal Control Officer so that the owner can be located promptly.

Reclaiming Lost Animals

If your pet has been picked up by the City’s Animal Control Officer, you may claim it at either of the County Animal Shelters.
Hancock County Animal Shelter
715 Gas Valley Road
New Cumberland, WV 26056
Phone: (304) 387-4102
Hours: Monday - Saturday: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Brooke County Animal Shelter
Karli Snyder, Shelter Director
Mac Barnes Drive
Beechbottom, WV 26030
Phone: (304) 394-0800


For questions concerning animal control issues, please call the Animal Control Officer.
Animal Control Officer
Weirton Police Department
200 Municipal Plaza
Weirton, WV 26062
(304) 797-8578

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