City Payments and Services

The City of Weirton Municipal Building is open to the Public. 

Those who utilize City services and prefer to make payments remotely may use the following options:

Utility Payments:  

Utilize the drop box outside the building, postal service, online at, or Call  (304) 797-8500, Ext. 1017 or 1018.  

If utilizing the drop box or postal service, include account number and name.

Connect or Disconnect service:

Call (304)797-8500, Ext. 1017 or 1018 for further instructions.

Police Report Records:

Send $10.00 check or money order to:

Attn: Records Department, 200 Municipal Plaza, Weirton, WV 26062.

Include the incident number, name of driver, date of accident, and return method (fax, email, mail).  If you have questions, call 304-797-8500, Ext. 1028.

Fine Payments:  

Utilize the drop-off box outside the building (Please Note: Fine Payment) or mail your payment to:

Attn: Police Department, 200 Municipal Plaza, Weirton, WV 26062.

Business License and Permit:  

Call (304)797-8500, Ext.1005 for further instructions.

Parking Permits: 

Call (304)797-8500, Ext.1045 for further instructions.

           Please call the City Manager’s office if you have questions at  (304)797-8500, Ext. 1002 or 1003